Accounting Rules

To make the cooperation with our clients more convenient and to comfort them clear and transparent accounting rules LEXPERTS LAW FIRM has set as follows:


As for representation in proceedings at law we apply:

  • Official rates:
    Official rates are based on the minimum remuneration set by the regulation of Minister of Justice concerning fees for solicitors’ services
  • Contractual:
    Contract rate is an agreed upon certain amount of money, which can be risen by:

    • Ex gratia payment for the won case or achieved aim
    • Additional rate depending on the amount of court trials

In the other cases contractual rates will be based on:

  • The system of lump sum remuneration which covers regular and comprehensive law services provided by LEXPERTS’ lawyers, has a form of monthly payments and the amount of monthly remuneration is agreed earlier? It gives the opportunity for more convenient and favorable way of settling accounts than hourly or amount rates.
  • The system of hourly rates is applied when at the stage of signing contract of personal services, the time needed to provide the service is unknown. Then hourly rate is agreed while the final settlement will take place after concluding the contract based on the report of accomplished actions. The hourly rate depends on the dedicated amount of time.
  • The system of amount rates is applied in cases where at the stage of signing contract of personal services the time needed to provide the service is known or easy to estimate. Then the remuneration has a form of the payment of the amount agreed at the beginning of cooperation.

Therefore the price of the service provided by LEXPERTS Law Firm depends on:

  • The scope of provided legal services
  • The complexity of the case
  • The anticipated labour input
  • The accomplishment of taken actions
  • Time dedicated to provide the legal service


Moreover the price is set on the individual negotiations and agreement with the client.


The receivable discharge settled by the client is based on the issued by LEXPERTS Law Firm invoice. Settled price of the provided legal service is increased by VAT (23%).


Clients also have to take into account the necessity of covering court, fiscal and postal costs likewise other expenditures made to provide the legal service.


LEXPERTS Law Firm on each client’s request will prepare an offer with individually set remuneration and accounting system depending on the type of needed legal service.



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